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Recovering from browser crashes

Restore SafeZone browser to working order. Sending SafeZone a crash log report, including details of what you were doing when SafeZone froze, helps us fix the freeze completely. This way we can help others that may experience the same problem.

If SafeZone crashes, a dialog displays asking if you want to send a report about the problem. Provide some details about what you were doing with the browser when it crashed into the text field, then click Send Report. This information helps make SafeZone even more stable and reliable.

To re-install SafeZone:

If restarting the browser application does not solve the problem, it is recommended to download and reinstall the program.

  1. Go to
  2. Click to download the current version.
  3. Open the installer and follow the application wizard instructions.

If a clean install solves the issue, you can copy your backed up files to your new SafeZone profile. If this causes SafeZone to crash again, delete your browsing data.

Note: SafeZone only uses the files you send to reproduce the issue. You may choose to remove files that contain sensitive data to protect your privacy. However, if these files are needed to reproduce the crash we cannot fix the problem. For more information, see our Privacy and Information Security Policy.

Report issues with sites or with the browser

Some websites and services may not function exactly as you would expect in SafeZone. This could be caused by website authors tailoring their services for one particular web browser.

If a site is not displaying or behaving correctly in SafeZone, you can let us know by posting details of your experience on the Avast user forum.