Navigate with shortcuts

Navigate faster with keyboard shortcuts

You can browse a lot faster using the keyboard.

Here's an overview of the available keyboard shortcuts and their default keyboard combinations:


Action Shortcut
Open Downloads page Ctrl+J
Open help F1
Open History page Ctrl+H
Open local file Ctrl+O
Open location Ctrl+L
Open main menu Alt+F
Open settings page Alt+P
Print current page Ctrl+P
Quit SafeZone Ctrl+Shift ⇧+X
Save a page locally Ctrl+S


Action Shortcut
Find on page Ctrl+F
Find next Ctrl+G
Find previous Ctrl+Shift ⇧+G


Action Shortcut
Cycle forward through page elements Tab ⇥
Cycle back through page elements Shift ⇧+Tab ⇥
Go forward one page Alt+
Go back one page Alt+
Go to bottom of page End
Go to top of page Home
Page down Space
Page up Shift ⇧+Space
Reload the current page Ctrl+R
View current page source Ctrl+U

Tabs and Windows

Action Shortcut
Close current tab Ctrl+W
Close current window Alt+F4
Cycle forward through open tabs Ctrl+Tab ⇥
Cycle back through open tabs Ctrl+Shift ⇧+Tab ⇥
Cycle through open windows Alt+Tab ⇥
Minimize a window Windows+M
Open new tab Ctrl+T
Open new window Ctrl+N
Reopen last closed tab Ctrl+Shift ⇧+T
View previous active tab Ctrl+`


Action Shortcut
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Select all Ctrl+A
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift ⇧+Z


Action Shortcut
Enter full-screen mode F11
Zoom in Ctrl++
Zoom out Ctrl+-
Reset zoom to 100% Ctrl+0