Speed up

Access this feature from: Speed up

The Speed up option in Avast Cleanup Premium scans for Unnecessary programs and Background & startup programs which may be affecting the speed and performance of your system.

Unnecessary programs

Unnecessary programs are programs which may have been pre-installed on your PC or installed unknowingly with other programs. Click the Unnecessary programs button, then review the list of programs.

The stars next to each program indicate the program's rating. Avast Cleanup Premium uses a cloud-based rating system based on blacklists and whitelists, heuristic algorithms, Avast's Recommendation Engine, and user ratings.

You can select the following actions for each program:

  • Click Move to Trash to temporarily delete a program.
  • Click the downward facing arrow next to Move to Trash, then select Uninstall to permanently remove a program and its components from your system.
  • Click Ignore to keep the program on your PC.

You can manage ignored or deleted programs by clicking programs ignored or programs trashed at the bottom of the screen. Click the back arrow to return to the main Avast Cleanup Premium screen.

Background & startup programs

Several programs on your PC are installed with background processes that continue to run even when the corresponding program is closed. These processes can drain your system's resources and cause your PC to slow down.

Click the Background & startup programs button, then review the list of programs and select an action:

  • Click Sleep next to a program to stop it from running.
  • Click Put all to sleep to stop all listed programs from running.
  • Click Ignore next to a program to allow it to continue running.

If you want to put a previously ignored program to sleep, click Program ignored then click Stop ignoring. When the program reappears in the list of detected programs, click Sleep. If you want to restart a program, click Programs sleeping, then click Wake next to the relevant program. Click the back arrow to return to the main Avast Cleanup Premium screen.