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Your router is set to a weak password!

Configuration of your wireless router is protected by a default or weak login password and hackers can easily break in. Your personal data may be at risk.

To configure Sagem/Sagemcom wireless router:

  1. From the Wi-Fi Inspector results screen, select Go to your router settings to open the administration page of your Sagem/Sagemcom router.
  2. Enter your router username and password shown on the Wi-Fi Inspector results screen.
  3. Go to ManagementAccess controlPasswords.
    - or -
    Go to MaintenanceDevice ManagementAccount Password.
  4. Select admin from the Username drop-down menu.
  5. Change your Router password. Memorize the password -- if forgotten, you must reset your router and your configuration.
  6. Confirm your changes by selecting Apply, or Save/Apply.
  7. Repeat steps 3. - 6. for each username, if available, and reboot your router if necessary.


Due to the wide range of different router types by Sagem/Sagemcom, we offer general instructions for frequently used models. For exact instructions please consult documentation for your router model or contact Sagem/Sagemcom for further assistance.

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