Firewall - Policies

Manage these settings at: Menu ▸ Tools ▸ Firewall ▸ Settings ▸ Policies

This section allows advanced users to set rules for programs without specific application rules.

Default Rules

  • Auto-decide is the default setting and allows Avast to choose the setting for the program.
  • Allow means all programs can access the network unless they have specific application rules.
  • Block means no program can access the network.
  • Ask prompts the user to decide to allow or block the program.

You can create different settings for Public and Private mode by ticking the box Use separate setting for each firewall mode.


You can receive a notification message when a new "allow" or "block" rule is created by the auto-decide feature.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) mode - In this mode certain ports are open which are normally closed. It decreases the security level, but can troubleshoot problems with network printer or internet connection sharing.

Allow all connections with Friends in Private mode - Networks you listed as Friends are allowed in Private mode.

Packet rules

In this section advanced users can further define firewall rules.
  • System rules - Configure communication with networks, servers, VPNs, and other traffic.
  • Packet rules - Specify rules for inspection of incoming/outgoing packets, to further customize existing application rules.