Passwords Overview

Access this feature from: Menu ▸ Passwords ▸ Overview

The Passwords feature of Avast is an easy-to-use password manager. This feature securely stores your passwords and sensitive information in an encrypted vault that is far more secure than storing your information in your browser. With Passwords, you can quickly log into your online accounts, and autofill online forms.

The Passwords Overview section provides an overall rating for your passwords which may be Bad, Average, or Good according to how many passwords you have in each of the following categories:

Too many passwords in any of these categories may result in a Bad overall rating due to the security risk of such passwords.

Are you using Passwords for the first time?

To get started, click Activate for free, and follow the prompts. To begin using Passwords, you will need to create your Main Password and install the Passwords browser extension. You can update your Main Password at any time, and add the Passwords extension to your browsers from the Passwords section in Settings. To open your Passwords settings, click the Settings icon, then select Passwords from the menu that appears on the left.

Passwords settings and synchronization

In your Passwords settings, you can:

  • Change your Main Password, and manage when and how often Avast prompts you for your Main Password (in the Security section).
  • Sync your Passwords settings with your Avast account so that you can use Passwords across all your devices (in the Synchronization section).
  • Select the internet browsers that you want to use Passwords with (in the Browser Integration section).
  • Import any passwords that are stored in your browser or EasyPass (in the Import Passwords section).

To manage your Passwords settings, go to the Passwords section in Settings. Click the Settings icon, then select Passwords from the menu that appears on the left.

Passwords Premium features

Avast offers premium features to further enhance your Passwords tool. These premium features include:

  • One Touch Login: quickly and securely access the data on your PC by tapping the screen of your mobile device when it is in close proximity to your PC.
  • Password Guardian: be notified immediately if one of your account websites is breached and your data is compromised. With this notice, you can quickly take action to protect your data.

These features require a paid license. To purchase these features, go to Settings, select Subscription, scroll down to Avast Passwords, and click Buy now.

Using a Passwords Activation Code

The premium features of Passwords require a paid activation code. When you purchase Passwords from within the Avast interface, the activation code is automatically applied. If necessary, however, you can manually apply the activation code that you receive in your order confirmation email.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and select Subscription.
  2. Scroll down to the Avast Passwords section, and click Insert activation code.
  3. Copy the activation code from your email, and paste it into the Insert Activation Code box.
  4. Click Next.

    A dialog confirms that the activation code is accepted and the premium features of Passwords are ready to use.