Firewall - Application Rules

Manage these settings at: Menu ▸ Tools ▸ Firewall ▸ Application Rules

Avast creates default firewall rules the first time an application or process is started. You can manage rules for when any particular application connects with the Internet or with another network.

Adjusting groups

Application rules can be organized in groups, for example according to vendor.

To add an application to an existing group, click New application rule, select a group, and browse for the application to add. Then click the group name and indicate the level of access allowed with the orange bars next to the added application.

Alternatively, create a new group by clicking the New Group button and adding the new application rule.

Access restrictions

Click the orange bars to choose the default allowances for each application:

  • Friends out - Allow only outgoing connections with networks listed as Friends.
  • Friends in/out - Allow both incoming and outgoing connections with Friends networks.
  • Internet out - Allow all outgoing connections to the Internet.
  • Friends in and Internet out - Allow all outgoing connections to the Internet and allow incoming connections only with Friends networks.
  • All connections - Allow all incoming and outgoing connections to the Internet.

Manage the list of Friends networks representing a low security risk at:

Firewall ▸ Settings ▸ Friends

Default rules

Expand the application/process name to specify which ports are open for connections, and set default rules for all other connections not specifically allowed. For example, if the access level is set to Internet out and an incoming connection from the Internet is detected.

  • Default rule - The rule is decided according to defaults for the current firewall profile (i.e. public/private mode).
  • Auto-decide - Connections with verified applications are allowed but unknown or suspicious connections are blocked.
  • Block - All other connections are blocked.
  • Ask - When a connection is requested Avast asks if you want to allow it.