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Your router is vulnerable to network attacks!

We have found vulnerabilities in your router that can be used by attackers to hack into your network.


Our scan found a vulnerability on your router. Your router contains a problem that can be misused by cybercriminals to break into your network and compromise your security and privacy.


Some of the vulnerabilities may be patched in new versions of the device firmware. Applying the latest firmware update may solve the issue. Routers typically do not perform automatic updates, so you need to manually download and install the appropriate patches on the device.

Consult your router's manual for instructions. If updated firmware is not available, contact your router's vendor or manufacturer to provide a firmware update as soon as possible.

Done incorrectly, applying the latest firmware can make your router unusable. We recommend this method for advanced users or computer technicians only.


We have identified the following problems with your router:

Severity: High

This vulnerability allows an attacker to easily gain control of the router and therefore your Internet connection. The attacker can use a specially crafted HTTP request to download all important and secret data stored in your router -- your router login/password combination, your Wi-Fi password and your configuration data.

To overcome this vulnerability, aside from applying the firmware update that addresses the issue, there is one more technique that can be used: setting up port forwarding for port 80 on the router to an unused IP address on your network. To do that, enter your router configuration page and find the "Port forwarding" section. Here, set up a rule that tells the router to send all http traffic to an unused local IP address (for example, if this address is not used by any other device on the network).

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