Cleanup - Settings

Access this feature from: Settings ▸ Components ▸ Cleanup ▸ Customize

Cleanup settings allow you to configure notifications, schedule automatic cleans, and manage your license if you are a GrimeFighter (discontinued) user. After making any changes, click OK to save your Cleanup settings.

Note: Cleanup is a paid feature which is not covered by an Avast Antivirus license. This feature requires a separate license and an internet connection to use. Before purchasing Cleanup, you can click Check my PC to run a scan of your system.

Manage general Cleanup settings

Select General from the left panel to manage the following settings:

  • Cleanup activity (ticked by default): tick to enable Cleanup to scan your PC for unnecessary items and performance issues.
  • Performance warning: enter a number to specify how many issues you want Cleanup to detect before sending a pop-up notification.
  • Messaging frequency: enter a number to specify the number of days between receiving Cleanup notifications.

Schedule an automatic clean

To schedule an automatic clean and adjust schedule settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select Scheduling from the left panel.
  2. Ensure the Scheduled clean option is ticked, then specify if you want the clean to occur on just one occasion (Once) or periodically (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).
  3. Tick the following options according to your preferences:
    • Do not start the clean if running on batteries: tick to ignore the scheduled clean if your PC is not connected to a power source. This setting helps to preserve your PC's battery life.
    • Wake up the system to start the clean (if in sleep mode): tick to run the scheduled scan even if your PC is in power-saving mode.
    • Shut down the system after the clean finishes: tick to automatically turn off your PC after the scan.
    • Start the clean as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed: tick to enable a scheduled clean to occur as soon as your PC allows it. For example, if you have specified not to clean your PC while it's in battery mode, Cleanup starts as soon as your PC is connected to a power source.
  4. Specify when you want the clean to start by entering a time in 24 hour format and selecting a date from the drop-down calender.

Note: Cleanup schedule settings can also be configured from Performance ▸ Cleanup ▸ Schedule.

Manage your license (GrimeFighter users)

If you are a GrimeFighter (discontinued) user, you can use your GrimeFighter license to activate Avast Cleanup Premium. To access your GrimeFighter license via your Avast Account, follow these steps:

  1. Click My License from the left panel.
  2. Type the email address and password connected with your Avast Account, then click Login.
  3. Click Use this license on the tile of the Cleanup license you want to use.
  4. Click Yes to confirm your subscription details, then click OK to close the confirmation dialog.