Antivirus - Other scans

Access this feature from: Protection ▸ Antivirus ▸ Other scans

The Other scans screen gives you access to a range of predefined Antivirus scans, but also enables you to create custom scans as an alternative to changing the settings of a default scan. With a custom scan, you can create a new scan and define each of the parameters to suit your individual requirements.

Run a predefined scan

To initiate a scan, click the associated tile. The following preset scans are available:

  • Quick Scan: scans the main drive of your PC where system files are stored, auto-start programs, and all known types of rootkits. To enable the scan to run quickly, the scan only analyzes potentially risky file types.
  • USB/DVD Scan: scans any removable storage devices that are currently connected to your PC. For example, external hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Folder Scan: scans the folders you select when you initiate the scan.
  • Boot-time Scan: scans your PC during the next system startup before any malware is launched. Scanning during startup improves the chances of detecting and removing malware before it can counteract.

You can automate Quick and USB/DVD scans by clicking the small clock icon (schedule settings) on the relevant tile. Similarly, you can modify the settings of the Quick, USB/DVD, and Folder scans by clicking the small gear icon (general settings) on the relevant tile. Read more...

Create a Custom Scan

Click the Create a Custom Scan tile to add a personalized scan. In the window that opens, define your scan, then click OK. Read more...

Each scan that you create appears as a tile under Custom scans. Click a tile to run the associated scan at any time. Additionally, you can use the small icons on each tile in the following ways:

  • Trash icon: click to delete the scan.
  • Clock icon: click to schedule the scan to run periodically.
  • Gear icon: click to modify the scan settings.

Customize Explorer Scan

The Explorer Scan enables you to scan individual files or folders by right-clicking the icon of the file or folder you want to scan in Windows and selecting Scan from the context menu. Go to Settings ▸ General ▸ Special scans ▸ Explorer Scan ▸ Settings to customize its scan paramaters.

Manage scan results

Afer running any predefined scan (except the Boot-time Scan) or custom scan, information about any detections and options to resolve them appear.

Click the drop-down menu next to each detected issue and select what you want Avast to do, then click Resolve to initiate the selected actions. Read more...

Note: For more information about scan detections go to Protection ▸ Antivirus ▸ Scan History. Read more...