Firewall - Network Connections

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The Network connections screen in Firewall displays a table of information regarding all recent incoming and outgoing communication with the applications and processes running on your PC.

Customize the table view

Tick the checkboxes above the table to alter the displayed information:

  • Resolve names: shows the host names of network devices rather than IP addresses.
  • Show full path: shows the absolute locations of applications or processes rather than just file names.
  • Detailed View: shows additional columns with details of each recent connection, including the local IP address, local network port, connection state, and amount of data that was sent or received.

View and manage recent connections

In the Connection column under each application name and its process ID, you can see a list of incoming and outgoing connections. Right-click a connection and select one of the following options:

  • Get details: displays the location of the remote IP address on a global map. Only IP addresses in public range are visible. The locations of private IP addresses are unavailable.
  • Trace: displays the connection route taken between your PC and the remote IP address across the IP network on a global map. Only IP addresses in public range are visible. The trace of private IP addresses are unavailable.
  • Show application: opens the Application rules defined for the connection.
  • Show rule: opens the Packet rules defined for the connection.
  • Kill connection: terminates the connection.

See more information about a recent connection

Below the table, click File Details to expand this section which displays information about whichever application, process, or connection is currently selected in the table. If nothing is selected, select an item in the table to see more information such as its location on your PC and the name of the application vendor.