Performance Settings

Manage these settings from: MenuSettingsPerformance

Do Not Disturb Mode improves the performance of your PC while you game by adjusting system settings and preventing unnecessary apps from running in the background. Each time you run a game, Game Mode automatically detects it and adds it to a list of game entries. When you run games from this list of entries, Game Mode automatically launches.

Game Mode is enabled by default. To disable Game Mode, click the ON slider so that it changes to OFF.

Note: Game Mode is supported on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

Do Not Disturb Mode

On the Do Not Disturb Mode settings screen, you can manage the behavior of Do Not Disturb Mode when you run applications in fullscreen mode. All options are enabled by default. Configure the following settings:

  • Silence notifications from 3rd-party apps: blocks all alerts while running your chosen apps fullscreen.
  • Don't block notification from these apps: allows you to specify applications you never want to silence, even if you're running applications in fullscreen.
  • Silence Avast notifications: silences all Avast pop-ups, warnings, and scheduled scans while running apps in fullscreen.
  • Pause Windows Updates: Stops Windows Updates from slowing you down while you play a game or run an app in fullscreen.
  • Automatically add new apps: adds any app running in fullscreen to your Do Not Disturb Mode list automatically.

To manually add an application to your Do Not Disturb Mode list, go to PerformanceDo Not Disturb Mode. Read more...

Software Updater

On the Software Updater settings screen, you can specify the behavior of your updater. Configure the following settings:

  • Notifications about new updates (ticked by default): allows Avast to notify you about outdated software with a pop-up. You can also check for outdated software by opening the Avast Antivirus user interface and clicking PerformanceSoftware Updater.
  • Automatically update my apps: enable Avast to install application updates automatically and silently. You may still see a permissions dialog prompting you to confirm any updates before they are completed.

To check the status of individual applications on your PC, go to PerformanceSoftware Updater. Read more...