Scan history

Access this section from: ProtectionVirus ScansScan history

The Scan history screen provides a list of completed antivirus scans and the date and time each scan was run. Scans highlighted in red require your attention, as they contain a detailed report about the scan detections as well as options for unresolved issues.

View scan details

Click Details next to a scan to view the following information:

  • Run time: the duration of the scan.
  • Tested files: the number of analyzed files.
  • Tested folders: the number of analyzed folders.
  • Amount of data tested: the amount of analyzed data in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.
  • Infected files: the number of infected files.

For a scan highlighted in red, click Detailed report to see information about the affected files, including their location and actions applied for any detected malware. Alternatively, you can apply an action to unresolved scan detections.

Manage scan issues

Click Details next to a scan highlighted in red, then click Detailed report to see a relevant list of detected scan issues.

Click the downward facing arrow for any resolved detection (green issue) to review information about the affected file, including its location and actions applied for any detected malware.

If the scan reports any unresolved detection (red issue), click the drop-down menu for the affected file and select an action:

  • Auto: attempts to repair the file. If unsuccessful, moves the file to the Quarantine, or deletes the file if neither action is successful.
  • Delete: permanently removes the file from your PC.
  • Repair: removes malicious code if the file is only partially infected. This action is not possible if the entire code is malware.
  • Chest: sends the file to the Quarantine where the file cannot harm your system (recommended).
  • Nothing: makes no changes to the contents or location of the file (not recommended).

Click Resolve to initiate the selected actions.