Cleanup Premium

Access this feature from: PerformanceCleanup Premium

Cleanup Premium includes a range of PC optimization scans, which detect unnecessary programs, performance issues, and unusual system settings to free up disk space and improve the speed and condition of your PC's system. Read more...

Note: Cleanup Premium is included in Avast Ultimate. Alternatively, you can purchase a Cleanup Premium subscription to use the program as standalone product. In all versions of Avast Antivirus, you can run an initial Cleanup scan to view issues on your PC and then select whether to resolve the issues by purchasing a subscription and installing Cleanup Premium.

Scan for issues on your PC

To run an initial scan and view issues on your PC, click Scan Now. To stop the scan at any time, click Stop Scan. Cleanup Premium scans for the following issues:

  • Broken registry items: links in your system's registry that may be redundant or broken.
  • System junk: unnecessary files (such as driver packages, temporary files, and log files) that may be taking up space and slowing down your PC.
  • PC health problems: unusual system settings that may be affecting the reliability of your PC's behavior.
  • Junk programs: unnecessary programs that may have been pre-installed on your PC.
  • Programs slowing down your PC: programs launched during system startup that are still running in the background and slowing down your PC.

Click a panel to view individual issue details. After reviewing the issues, click Resolve to install Cleanup Premium.

Install Cleanup Premium

After running an initial Cleanup Premium scan click Resolve to choose your subscription, purchase, and install the program. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and purchase. When the program finishes installing, the Cleanup Premium interface opens and your program is automatically activated.