Scan History

Access this section from: Protection ▸ Antivirus ▸ Scan History

The Scan history screen provides a table of completed Antivirus scans and their results, as well as the name of each scan and the date and time each scan was run.

Check scan results

The Result column displays the general outcome of each scan. Possible results include:

  • No virus found: the scan did not detect any malware. No actions are required from you.
  • Virus found: the scan detected one or more files that contain malware.
  • Some files could not be scanned: the scan was unable to access certain files to check for malware.

If either of the last two results appear, select the relevant scan then click Detailed report (below the table) to open more information including the details of the files the scan was unable to access or options to resolve any detected malware.

To view general information about a scan, regardless of its result, select the scan in the table. Scan details for the selected scan appear below the table.

View scan details

When you select a scan in the table, the following information about the scan appears in the Scan details section below the table:

  • Run time: how long the scan took to run.
  • Tested files: the number of files the scan analyzed.
  • Tested folders: the number of folders the scan analyzed.
  • Amount of data tested: the number of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes of data the scan analyzed.
  • Infected files: the number of infected files the scan identified.

Scan details are for informational purposes only. To apply an action to an infected file (for example, to repair a file or move it to the Virus Chest), click the Detailed report button which is available below the table when you select a scan that detected malware or was unable to complete.