Here's how to install Avast BreachGuard on Windows

A few easy steps is all it takes.

  1. Click the button below to start downloading the installation file. Download Avast BreachGuard
  2. Once the download is finished, open the avast_breach_guard_online_setup.exe file (by default, downloaded files are saved to your Downloads folder).
  3. Click Install and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
    See detailed installation instructions
  4. Select Sign in (if you do not have an Avast Account yet, select Create account).
  5. In the opened browser window, enter your Avast Account credentials, and click Continue (if you selected Create account in the previous step, follow the web page instructions to enter the email address you used to purchase Avast BreachGuard, and create your password).
    See detailed activation instructions
  6. When prompted to open Avast..., complete the activation process by clicking either Open... or Choose... based on your default browser type.
  7. To open the application, double-click the Avast BreachGuard icon on your desktop.
  8. That's it!