SecureLine VPN for Mac

SecureLine is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service offered by Avast. VPNs encrypt your internet connection to prevent hackers from stealing your personal data while using unsecured networks such as public Wi-Fi in cafes and airports. With a SecureLine subscription you can choose from different server locations to give you optimal connection speed and access to geo-restricted content.

Note: You must install Avast Free Mac Security before using SecureLine VPN for Mac.


After you purchase a subscription to SecureLine VPN you must enter the Activation Code in the product.

  1. Open SecureLine VPN.
  2. Go to Preferences and enter the Activation Code.
  3. Click Activate. The code validates and the product is ready to use.

Connecting to SecureLine

When you open SecureLine there are two ways connect to our servers:

  • Click Connect to access the nearest VPN server location.
  • Click the drop down menu to select a specific server location when you need to access geo-restricted content.

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