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Scan ▸ Scan for performance issues

Cleanup is a new optimization tool which replaces the old GrimeFighter product. Cleanup clears disk space and speeds up your system. The program finds and removes unnecessary files to optimize disk storage. The program also excludes unused Windows files from using memory to increase system performance. The program requires an internet connection to run.

Note: an activation code is required to use this product.

Entering your activation code

Cleanup requires a paid activation code in order to perform a system optimization. The activation code is entered automatically when purchasing from within the Avast program. If necessary, you can also enter the code sent by email manually.

  1. In the Avast user interface click Settings, Registration.
  2. In the Avast Cleanup section of the Your Subscription screen click Insert activation code.
  3. Enter the activation code sent to you by email and click Next.
  4. When the activation code is accepted Cleanup is ready to use.

Running an Cleanup scan

When the program scans for performance issues, a report shows the files and programs that Cleanup can remove to optimize your system. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Avast user interface choose Scan ▸ Scan for performance issues.
  2. Review the files and programs identified by Cleanup for removal and uncheck the items that you want to keep.
  3. Click Yes to start optimizing your system.
  4. The Cleanup results show you the changes made when Cleanup finishes.

Managing Cleanup Settings

Open the Cleanup screen in the Avast user interface and click:
More ▸ Settings

  • Cleanup activity - Enable Cleanup to detect issues which may slow down your system and cause other unwanted side-effects.
  • Performance warning - Specify how many issues to detect before the program sends a popup notification.
  • Messaging frequency - Specify how often you would like to be notified.
  • Scheduling Cleanup - Schedule scans to clean your system. (available in paid version)

How Cleanup improves computer performance

When the program scans for performance issues, a report shows files and programs that Cleanup can remove or disable to optimize your system. These include the following:

  • Disabling unnecessary applications to allow faster computer start up.
  • Tuning system files and options to increase operating speed.
  • Deleting temporary and junk files to free up disk space.
  • Registry scan shows you the percentage of registry entries that are outdated and can be safely removed to speed up your PC.
  • Real-time diagnostics in System status - show you battery, CPU, RAM, and disk usage at a glance.

More about Cleanup

You can find out more about this tool in the Cleanup FAQ on our website.