Access this feature at:
Tools ▸ Sandbox

The Sandbox allows you safely run an application or browse the web in an environment isolated from the rest of your system. This is useful when you want to test a suspicious application, or to safely visit a website potentially containing malware by running your web browser in the Sandbox.

Using the Sandbox

To start an application in the Sandbox:

  1. Click Run a program in Sandbox
  2. Browse to locate the file or application
  3. The browser or other application opens in a Sandbox window (indicated by colored borders)

By default, the option is also available outside of Avast when you right-click on an application and select Run in sandbox or Always run in sandbox from the context menu.

To end the Sandbox session for that application, you can simply close the window. Or, you can terminate the process in Tools ▸ Sandbox.

Customizing the Sandbox Settings

You can set preferences for the sandbox in:

Settings ▸ Tools ▸ Sandbox ▸ Customize