Browser Cleanup

Manage this feature at:
Scan ▸ Scan for browser add-ons

This tool helps you delete unwanted add-ons from your browser(s) to keep your Internet browsing experience fast and reliable.

For a list of supported browsers and operating systems please visit the Avast website.

Using Browser Cleanup

To start cleaning go to Scan ▸ Scan for browser add-ons. To exclude add-ons that have a good user rating check the box Exclude add-ons with a good rating at the bottom of the page.


View the list of installed browser toolbars and their user ratings. You can disable any unwanted toolbars or completely reset the browser settings to defaults:

  • Reset settings - Remove all add-ons and reset all your browser settings to their default values.
  • Remove - Uninstall and completely remove the toolbar and all its components from your computer.
  • Disable - Switch off the functionality of the add-on, but it is not removed from your PC or browser.